School History

st charles hartland

The first year a Catholic church in Hartland was thought of was 1863.  That year, some unknown people purchased land on Hill Street and reserved it for a Catholic church.  Construction didn't begin until 1906.  It was built by farmers until the finishing touches needed to be completed.  The patron saint was chosen in honor of Father Charles Keyser, the pastor of St. Mary's in Pewaukee.  St. Charles was a mission from there.  As of 1917, St. Charles was no longer a mission of a nearby parish.  That same year, the first electric lights were installed.  After a priest slipped on the muddy hill on his way down after church one Sunday, cement steps were built.  During this time, St. Charles experienced rapid growth.  Starting with twelve families in 1907, to 60 in the early 1930's, to 240 in 1956.  That year, the parish moved from Hill Street to Renson Road, the current location.  The plans for building have not yet been completed.  St. Charles School was opened to students in grades 5-8 on September 9, 1959.  The rest is recent history.  There are  now grades 4 year old kindergarten through eighth at St. Charles.


1.  There were three structures desired in 1956 that were never constructed.

They were:

  • a gymnasium

  • a convent

  • a high school

2.  If you search hard enough, you can find the cement steps in the wooded area of Hill Street.

Year  Event
1863 - Land was purchased on Hill Street for a Catholic church.
1906 - Construction began on Hill Street.
1908 - Construction completed.
1917 - First electric lights installed.  Also, St. Charles is no longer a mission.
1950 - First resident pastor of St. Charles came.
1956 - Location moved to Renson Road.
1980 - The Hill Street church was torn down.