Parent Reimbursement and Deposit Requests

If you have made a payment or wish to make a deposit from a fundraiser on behalf of the Home and School Association, St. Charles Dinner & Auction, 7th or 8th grade, please complete the correct form for reimbursements or Deposits by following the link below. This form should be completed online (using the drop downs to enter the correct accounting codes), printed, and attached to the necessary receipts. All reimbursements require approval from the Home and School, Auction or 7th or 8th grade treasurers. Please place your completed reimbursement request and/or deposit in the Home and School drawer in the School office for processing. Please let Amy or Alicia know if there is a request to be processed in the drawer. 

Reimbursement Form/Deposit Form - Please select Enable Editing and select the appropriate tab at the bottom of the page for a Payment or a Deposit. 

Please contact Alicia Dougherty with questions.