School Commission Charter


The purpose of the St. Charles Parish School Committee is to search for and promote the best means available to impart the message of Christ in the educational programs of the parish.  The School Committee develops and promotes the implementation of the policies of the State Department of Education and the Archdiocesan Board of Education.


Chairperson:  The Chairperson, shall preside at all regular and special meetings of the School Board.  The Chairperson shall appoint committee chairpersons and have the authority to assign additional duties and responsibilities to individual board members.


Co-Chairperson: In the absence of the Chairperson, shall perform the duties of the President.

Secretary: The secretary shall record all correspondence as directed, preserve all reports and documents committed to his/her care, in a file in the school office, notify members of the date and time of meetings, and publish and post minutes as soon after a meeting as possible, within two (2) weeks.


Finance Committee: This committee shall review and approve budgets of all school organizations.  They also study and recommend teacher salaries and benefits, policies regarding tuition, book bills, and special fees.

Policy Committee: This committee shall draft policies as requested by the School Board.  They also review and maintain local policies in accordance with the policies of the State Department of Education and the Archdiocesan Board of Education.

School Committees: The School Committees get directions from the School Board.

The Curriculum/SPA Implementation Committee composed of the Principal, all teachers, and two parents, carry out the long-range curriculum study plan as outlined in the SPA (School Planning and Accreditation) Plan. The School Board may establish other Ad Hoc Committees as needed. This year we have a Direction Setting Committee that will complete the study for Year One of SPA.  This committee is composed of the Principal, Board members, two teachers and two parents.  They will invite others to help with the study and implementation of their work.  We also have a Mission Statement Committee, a Middle School Committee and a Future Directions Committee as Ad Hoc Committees. 


Communications/Public Relations Committee: This committee shall communicate to the staff, parents, and parish the functions of the School Board. This committee helps coordinate, develop and disseminate information regarding school and its programs and events. They will also be the key group that responds to legislative action needs and invite others to become actively involved in legislative issues.