Why Do Parents Choose St. Charles

There are many reasons for choosing St. Charles, but the three most commonly mentioned include:

1) Spirituality of the child and the family.  Parents want their children to grow up to be kind, caring, respectful and responsible - with Jesus as our role model.  Children are surrounded each by great teachers who provide a positive, supportive class room culture.  Students are treated with respect and, in return, they treat one another with respect.  Daily classroom prayer and weekly all school masses, community service projects, and "family" support all help to strengthen the values of the child and of the

2) Academics that form a solid education foundation of the child and prepares them with the life-skills they will need to be skilled communicators, life-long learners, and the leaders of the future.  Graduates of St. Charles always tell us they are very well prepared for high school and college because they have been instilled with excellent study habits, learning strategies and a solid academic foundation.

At St. Charles, students are actively engage in the academic program through relevant and worthwhile content, a variety of experiences and methodologies, and higher level questioning and learning opportunities.  Students feel supported in their learning and feel school is a "fun" place to be.  Students are taught the meaning of the content so they can see the connection with real life application.

3) Structure and discipline is the third major reason parents select St. Charles.  Students are held to high standards of behavior both within the school and the playground.  Classroom management, focused on structured routines and organizations, helps keep studens actively engaged in meaningful learning.  Supervision, both within the school and on the playground, helps to ensure student safety.  We continually receive comments about how respectful and considerate our students are.  Parents and teachers working together to provide a safe, supportive learning environment help to make our school a special place for students and for learning.